Konstantins Visnevskis

Konstantins Visnevskis

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First Name * Konstantins
Last Name * Visnevskis
Username * kivi
Country * Latvia
City Riga
Languages EnglishLatvianRussian


Current Position Animator;Artist;Compositor;Designer;Editing, Film, Video, Digital;Modeller;Renderer
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingArchitecturePost ProductionSFXSculptureVFXVisualisationstudent
Preferred Tools 3ds maxAfter EffectsAnimationArchitectural VisualisationVisualisationCompositingDesignFlashLightingMAYAMental RayModelingPhotoshopRenderingTexturingVrayblenderOctanelightingphotographyDigital FusionCSSClayCodingGIMPHTMLIllustrationLinuxmodellingPHPPost ProductionShadingRiggingShort FilmsVFXVideo


Availability: student
Website www.visnevskis.com/


3D and film making was my passion before I actually got to know there was any - making paper, cardboard, wood models, sketching, and trying to animate them. Then I got computer and quickly realized that it will solve everything. Well almost. And still every rendering seems exciting.

In my opinion the artist has to imagine the scene as existing in live reality with no contradictions whatsoever before starting the work. And keep it that way to the end with nothing in between imagination and result. Then the outcome will be always organic and moving that child inside of everyone to play, to see more.


This is art that catches our Editor's eye.
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